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Gutter Gremlin are now using a revolutionary, non-aggressive exterior cleaning system, called soft wash that’s ideal for cleaning modern render, pebble dash, concrete, and tarmac.

Modern, self-finished render has become popular over the past 30 years due to its low maintenance properties, value for money and faster installation to suit modern construction constraints. These renders don’t require re-painting, however they are a great breeding ground for lichen, algae, moss and mould.

Removing unsightly growth on render

Increased insulation in modern buildings reduces the transfer of heat to external walls and surfaces, leading to more moisture being left on exteriors. This build-up of moisture leads, in time, to algal and fungal growth. Additional design features such as flush, crisp line facades without shadow gaps at the parapet or sills will inevitably lead to such disfiguration in our wet climate.

Red and green algae leave unsightly dirty marks and are very apparent on various renders and concrete surfaces all over Ireland. Aggressive cleaning methods – such as power washing or harsh chemicals – can damage the surfaces and actually hasten the regrowth of fungus and algae. Pressure washing will increase the porosity of the render, meaning that more moisture will be able to penetrate the surface, which will contribute to regrowth.



  Powerwash Softwash
Removes surface growth from exterior surfaces  ♦  ♦
Cleans concrete surfaces  ♦  ♦
Can be used to clean cladding, decking, fencing, playgrounds and outside hard sports grounds  ♦  ♦
Results appear to be quicker  ♦  
Eliminates algae, mould, mildew, moss, fungus and lichens    ♦
Uses a gentle low pressure application with specialised cleaners and algaecides to clean exterior surfaces  
No potential of accidental water damage as only the pressure equivalent of a garden hose is applied    ♦
Regrowth prohibited    ♦
Complies with safer Exterior Cleaning practices    ♦
Prolongs the life of roof tiles & slate and all other exterior hard surfaces    ♦
Can safely be applied to softer external surfaces such as external insulation, cladding and stucco and will not harm decorative mouldings on buildings and walls including coloured K-Render finished plaster.    ♦
Will not gouge or damage surfaces and yet restores them to their original condition  
Safe on window seals  
Uses quiet electric pumps and no loud fossil-fuel burning motors and can run on battery pump or tap pressure.    ♦
Achieves the latest in exterior cleaning technology    ♦
Niche market & fast growing Industry    ♦