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Residential Gutter Services by Gutter Gremlin

Gutter Gremlin supply and install the Hedgehog Gutter brush.

The best way to keep your gutters clear all year.


The HEDGEHOG™ is a continuous polypropylene 'brush' which prevents the build up of wind-blown debris. The Hedgehog can also be used to eliminate clogged garden and pathway drains.



  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • No glue or screws needed
  • Sized to fit all gutter profiles
  • Prickly body also deters rodents and birds
  • More cost effective than other gutter protection devices
  • The Hedgehog brushes are 4m in length. The product is manufactured using a stainless steel core and polypropylene to create the brush.
  • Brushes are available in white, black & brown in 100mm diameter
  • 10 year Guarantee
  • Fits curved or welded gutters
  • Can be cleaned easily if necessary
  • Fitted in minutes; lasts for years
  • Means no more overflowing gutters
  • Avoids ladder climbing for maintenance
  • Also fits traditional iron and asbestos gutters
  • Adapts automatically to the shape of any gutter

If you would like to protect your guttering from falling leaves, moss or debris or just find out more, then just contact us using the details below. 

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Gutter Hedgehog Information and Gutter Gremlin Ltd Terms and Conditions:

  • The Gutter Hedgehog we use is the genuine Trade Marked Version.
  • The Hedgehog is a filter that prevents blocked downpipes caused by moss and leaves, and also a preventative for your gutter system to reduce overall collection and compaction of debris.
  • The Hedgehog helps prevent moss clogging a gutter system because the majority of the moss / leaves will land on the Hedgehog and fall over the top of the gutter system to the floor below.
  • PLEASE be aware that moss / leaves that have dropped onto the floor below can become a slip hazard, and should be cleared away as soon as possible.
  • Hedgehog can be used to help keep debris out of a gutter system where properties are linked, and the neighbouring property is not being maintained. It will NOT stop water coming back into your gutter system from the neighbouring property if the other property is not being maintained. Blocked downpipes and compaction will affect a joined gutter system.
  • To estimate the lengths of Hedgehog required at a property, the brackets on the gutter system can be counted and Gutter Gremlin Ltd can work out an approximate requirement from this number. The space between each bracket is approximately 1 metre, as standard.
  • Gutter Hedgehog is supplied in a minimum of a 4m length only, and therefore if the property requirement is not a multiple of 4, then the charge for a 4m length is still applicable where the required length is less than 4m.
  • Clips are not compulsory, but are strongly recommended (unless the gutter system has a substantial tile overhang) as the Hedgehog can be dislodged in extreme weather conditions. If a property has been quoted for clips and they are not required, then the cost will be removed at the time of invoicing.
  • Where the Hedgehog requires fitting above a conservatory, an extended building, a commercial building, or a 3 plus storey building, Gutter Gremlin Ltd will need to assess the property prior to Installation.
  • Prior to any installation the gutter system will need to be cleared.
  • Once fitted, Gutter Gremlin Ltd is not responsible for the maintenance of this product. Nor are we responsible for returning to place it back in the gutter system if it is removed by any person(s), animal(s) or extreme weather conditions. • Your gutter system will still need to be cleared and maintained on a regular basis, however this is dependent on your area (trees) and property type (Moss on roof tops, and any neighbouring property that is part of the same system). We can estimate when the Hedgehog will need to be removed and rinsed, and the guttering cleared of silt, at the time of installation.
  • The Hedgehog does not prevent Eco- Growth (such as small plants and algae), nor does it prevent smaller debris from roof tops falling into the gutter system. Although most debris (such as moss and leaves) will filter over the top and drop out of the gutter system.
  • The time frame can be anywhere between 12 months to 3 years, but can keep gutter systems clear for up to five years.
  • On average the Hedgehog and gutter system will require clearing, and the Hedgehog rinsing on a bi-annual basis.

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